These video clips were made taking the same approach as I do with my photography, through experimentation and avoiding editing as much as possible, since I find it to be a fun challenge to show something as similar as possible to real life.

The Balloon and the Wind

This video was recorded in Dublin while I was walking alone around the city for the first time in my life. I was taking pictures when suddenly I saw a Yellow Balloon lost in those grey streets, and I decided to start to make a movie following its random journey. All the things you see in this video are absolutely real, without edits. When I wanted to add music and find the right song, I remembered a friend's song that incredibly lasted exactly as long as the video and besides seemed to have been written especially for it.

Music: Dario Calequi
Song: Hojas Muertas


This video was made especially for this song. Again, no edits were made. The song lyric talks about the fear of "flying" and I wanted to show how sometimes there's no choice, you have to learn to fly.

Music: Dario Calequi
Song: Volar

El Mundo

Mirrors are magical for me and provide a different dimension of reality. When I visited New York for the first time I was amazed by the size of the crowds in Manhattan. When I reached the corner with a mirrored wall, I saw a "dance" by temporary reflections of people mingled with people in the flesh.

Music: Dario Calequi
Song: El Mundo